Lead management system improves conversions, Better Inventory Management

Fair Agreements No “Booby Traps”


Gllamor Franchise Benefits

Gllamor extends the brand and the dealer identity norms to the Dealer.
Dealer will benefit from the Brand Pull and attracting customers to the organized set up versus non branded stores.

Certification of Products

1 year comprehensive warranty
Warranty packages to ensure that all kinds of customers are taken care of Certification of Products


Our Certifications

CE Certification

ISO Certification

HONOR WaterMark Certification
Gllamor provides ISO-9000 Quality Management Approved Standard and Ensures that their Product and Service Consistently Meet Customer’s Requirement

Better Inventory Management
SAP System is extended to the franchise
Better Management of resources through the use of technology
Lead management system improves conversions, Better Inventory Management, Smart match making improves conversions

Market Information
Market info with regard to product launches
International news etc. to make better business decisions

team work

Gllamor extends
Teamwork among employees to work more efficiently and to create a work environment which excels at creativity.

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